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What I couldn't hear before, was suddenly so annoying, that I had to get rid of the clock! @Shy, I never have any trouble hearing sure he couldn't hear them, or did you just assume that he didn't?Most of us hear sounds, but have trouble making out the words...moaning is a language of it's own. You can show someone what you like by moving their hands....honestly, my men have never complained about it interfering with sex....except that I can't hear 'sweet nothings' whispered in my ear, but that's MY loss, not theirs..can still whisper them, and pretend I hear them, I don't care!!If anything, my differently-abled ability has been the catalyst for providing a genesis-like outlook toward fellow humans.It gives me a 'clean slate' mode of thinking and a broad range of insight toward appreciating culture, ethics, freedoms, and unconditional regard for fellow man/woman regardless of this badly labelled condition that society has chosen to call 'dis-abled'. [email protected] Kat, we are on the same page here, I totally agree with everything you are saying.I am the same person as a 'hearing, lip reading person ' that I would have been, had I signed instead, as a way of life. I have no regrets about going to a regular school, getting a regular job, having regular relationships.My hearing had never been a problem with any of my relationships..a matter of fact, after my ex husband and I split up, and he remarried, he made an interesting comment to me.It also necessitated the strong desire in me to overcome AND set a personal bar for higher standards in what would otherwise be viewed non-chalantly by the 'hearing' poplulation; none of which I consider brainwashing, even though yes, there has been the media of influence in my decisions. Not just the deaf/hard-of-hearing population, but everyone. Having said that, let us appreciate, celebrate, and embrace ( gasp! ) each other and the individual choices we make, with patience and kindness refusing to succumb to what some label brainwashed thinking. (I've always enjoyed reading your posts, but was totally shocked to hear that you were deaf too!! I'm in my fifties, and for the last few years, my mom has been on me to get it done.

She has been tested at the hospital before I took her home...standard procedure, I'm told. FYI, I have been deaf since birth, but no one in my family has a hearing loss, so there are no guarantees for a perfect child, even if both parents are [email protected], music is no problem for me.(Used to be what drove me nuts since all it sounded like to me was a bunch of mrrphh mrrgggh and canned laughter! ;o)Oh..Decee....soon, the people from yours and my generations that are losing their hearing, will be eligible for CI's as well! I have a couple of spoken languages, but no signed languages.LOL My speech/enunciation also improved..I did not even think I ever really sounded "deaf." I also can now hear people from other rooms, across the rooms, has been a gift for me. LOL Too funny in the early stages of new hearing...trying to locate what the heck is making that noise! on the deck, listening to the different species, calls, and so on..was the most beautiful most with normal hearing... So hearing loss very well could be a thing of the past! I have seen some signed interpretation of music performances, and they are amazingly beautiful.I have had some deafie peeves...people who refuse to repeat something...saying something like, "Never mind!! If it was not important enough to repeat once, then why bother in the first place?! As for dating someone deaf of course,they are the same as us they laugh,cry and bleed the bleed as the reat of us...i agree it would to harder at first but if you try anything at first it might be a little hard...i chat with a wonderful man on is Robert and he,s so handsome i cant wait to meet him in person,and with all the noise in this house ,birds ,dogs cats and children i know he can deal with me and not run away because of all the noise (lol) also i have a hard time with grammar,and he deals with that!!!!!!! First, here is my background, so you'll know where I'm coming from... Why would a deaf person be 'easy', (or thought of that way), because she can't hear? My co worker was shocked..tell the truth, so was I!;o)~ Also...talking behind someone's (deaf) back about them..well as friends who out of trying to be nice..someone automatically that you are deaf...usually when you misunderstood something due to loud music, mumbling, etc..they assume it is your hearing loss! I have a very profound hearing loss, (considered deaf), but I don't feel any different than anyone else, except when it comes to using phones. When my parents got divorced, they went to court and fought over whether I should be put in a school for the deaf and learn sign, or go to a regular school and learn lip reading. I think this is the worse form of segregation...(my opinion)Why should someone have to say why they would date a deaf person??? One time when I was working retail, the manager came running up to me and said that they had a deaf customer in another department, and someone told him that I signed, so he needed me to interpret.

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